The Rooster Shack Loyalty Card

The Rooster Shacks Loyalty Card is our way of saying THANK YOU to all of our customers.

Rooster Shacks Loyalty Card rewards you every time you purchase an item from our menu. Once you’ve collected 5 or 10 points you will be rewarded with either a  FREE selection of individual items  or a selection of FREE meals (only one reward per Loyalty Card, individual items and meals are shown on the reverse of the loyalty card). Pick up your Rooster Shack loyalty card when you visit us next. PLEASE NOTE ROOSTER SHACKS LOYALTY PROGRAMME IS ONLY AVALIBLE ON TAKEAWAY AND COLLECTION ORDERS, A ROOSTER SHACK LOYALTY STAMP IS NOT VALID FOR HOME DELIVERY ORDERS.

Terms and Conditions

1.     Only one Rooster Shack loyalty card can be redeemed in any 24 hour period. 

2.     Completed cards must be redeemed within 1 month of being completed otherwise they will become void.

3.     Shacks Student Loyalty Cards are only available for people aged 21 or under and in full or part time education. Proof of age and education to be provided on request.

4.     On presenting your loyalty card you will receive a Rooster Shack stamp at the time of your transaction.

5.     You will receive a Rooster Shack stamp on your Rooster Shack Loyalty Card when you spend £5 or more in a single transaction or a Rooster Shacks stamp on your Rooster Shacks Student Loyalty Card when you spend £3 or more in a single transaction. Only one card will be stamped for a single transaction.

6.     The Rooster Shack stamps you receive are personal to you; you cannot pool your stamps with the stamps received by another individual and claim the reward together.

7.     Only one stamp can be earned per customer per day

8.     Only original Rooster Shack Loyalty Cards and Rooster Shack Student Loyalty Cards Will are accepted. Photocopies or facsimiles are not valid.

9.     Only original Rooster Shack  stamps issued by Rooster Shacks staff at the time of purchase will be valid. Any unofficial Rooster Shack stamps will invalidate the Rooster Shack Loyalty Card or Rooster Shack Student Loyalty Card.

10.   Rooster Shack Loyalty Cards can only be redeemed once the requisite number of stamps have been collected

11.   Only one reward can be redeemed per individual. Once the requisite number of stamps has been collected than the customer can choose from a selection of rewards. No alternative rewards are available. Rewards are subject to availability and the store reserves the right to replace a reward with a reward of at least the same value.

12.   No cash alternative is available.

13.   Rooster Shacks Loyalty Cards have no cash redemption value.

14.   The Rooster Shack loyalty Cards cannot be exchanged sold or transferred.

15.   Any invalid Rooster Shack Loyalty Cards will be retained by Rooster Shack staff and the Card will be cancelled and your inclusion in the scheme will be withdrawn.

16.   If you breach these Terms or abuse the Scheme, or Rooster Shack reasonably believes that you have done so, your Rooster Shack Loyalty Card will be cancelled and your inclusion in the scheme will be withdrawn.

Rooster Shack reserves the right to withdraw this scheme at anytime.